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PDFs ? No thanks: RoboPDF - To create PDFs (useless)

RoboPDF - to Create PDFs

Home Edition is FREE

So I tried it, here is my disappointment:


- It ADDS UNWANTED Office Plug-ins that cannot be removed
- On EVERY created PDF at the bottom of EAHCH page it adds a FOOTER with its advertisement, that by itself it could be fine, but this footer OVERWRITES the bottom page of your document making it incomplete, unreadable, and therefore USELESS

A very stupid way to go with a software, I will never consider paying for it.

Coming creal I have to say that I am NOT a supporter of PDFs.
I don't see the need for this docuemnt format, I think that in most cases HTML will server the purpose.
In the PDF viewer, the serach is horrible, the controls are definetely NOT intuitive, you never really know what action takes place when you click a link in a document, jump somewhere else in the document, open a web browser, ....
YES, Printing is OK, but browsing a PDF docuemnt on the screen really sucks.

There are however very few situations where they might be useful, to print manuals with page numbers, and this is the ONLY reason I did the mistake of downloading this RoboPDF.
I, naturally, have PROMPTLY uninstalled it.

Asking myself why to kill trees when you have an electronic format of a document, I discovered that, beside few situation when you want to read it somewhere else especially if it is a complex matter, the most common reason to print a PDF document is again because browsing a PDF on the screen really sucks.

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