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Redeeming Skymiles at Delta is impossible

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I have many miles with Delta.
Unfortunately it seems that in the last 5 years I could not manage to use them for any of the flights i needed to take, it seems that redeming skymiles is a legend, even if I try to make reservation several months in advance.

A few years ago I was very pleased with Delta airlines, and I signed up for their frequent flier program SkyMiles.
Unfortunately it has proven extremely hard to use the rewards earned and I

Too bad.
I wish I could transfer the rewards to another program.

My feedback to Delta: (10 Agugust 2005)
- Looked to purchase a trip
- Not able to do what I wanted
- Very difficult
Once you are in a page, there is no clear link to go back and start a new reservation.
Flights returned for a trip are in an unknown order (not price, not number of stops, not travel time) what use is that ?

Making a flight reservation should really be SIMPLE !
-> From where, to Where, When
<- Price, Itinerary, better options (price, travel time)

Your prices seems to be exorbitant compared to other airlines.

Making a reservation skymiles is impossible (redeming skymiles must be a legend), I could NEVER make a reservation for the trip I need.

Quality at Delta went down severly in the last 2 years, and does not seem to be getting any better.

I am sorry I have all my miles with Delta, I wish I could transfer them to another airline.

a suggestion for you:

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