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The stupidity and pain of useless airport screening

Yahoo! News - Box Cutter Suspect Charged, Released
And again on October 29 2003 Box Cutters Found On More Planes

How stupid is having to take off your shoes when you go through security at the airport ?
Ho stupid is to have to surrender your nail clippers, and tiny swiss army knifes ?

The reality is that this stupid screening is ONLY a mind game to have the people flying THINK they are secure when instead there is very LITTLE security for the pain we go through every time we have to board a plane.

As this student showed, it is quite easy to get box-cutters, plastic explosive and flamables into planes, if you really are trying to.
If you instead are a standard passenger, only concerned with your trip, you have to take of your shoes e surrender the swiss army knife (the tiny swiss army knife I used to take with me is one of the most useful things in the world to carry around when travelling)

I am really pissed off at the attitude of Aurport security.
It is just stupid to do have to pass through this kind of screening.

If it had any sense, why don't we do the same when boarding trains? or Buses ?
Why will a tiny swiss army knife be more dangerous than a metal pen.

They are forcing this on us to make us feel secure, as a Security administraion specialist said at CNN on 21 October 2003.
- He doesn't think that boxcutters will be used in a new terrorist attak (if this is the case why do you screen for it?)
- He is confident that the public feels more secure. (more secure my ass)
- They have confiscated 3 millions of ILLEGAL items (yes nail clippers).
- But the fact is that there are security level and that we expect boxcutters to pass throug securty (yes and why do you serach my bag ?)

This is all nonsense in my opinion.
The numbers just don't add up.
For example how many PC are travelling with the passengers these days. I think ALMOST one each passenger, but let's assume half.
There are millions of people flying every month.
Do we really think that turning on the PC, or being forces to bring it out of our case will help the screener to see if one of them is dangerous and pick the dangerous one in millions ?
I think NOT.

I just would like to know the statistic about this stupid security scam.
How many of the million of items that have been collected have EVER been used in a plane incident ?

This guy who
- Tested the screening system
- Showed that it does NOT work
- Advised the authorities before doing it, by email and phone calls
- Has been ignored by the security people
- Put some notes on the items he put on the planes, to prove that he has actually done it

He should be heard as a consultant from the security department, not tried on a court as a felon. He provides a servie,a heads up, he is not a terrorist.
His only fault is that he might have put a bug and set unease on the peole that REALLY thought that screening passengers made the airline travel more secure.
But I think it is more important that somebody told the reality of it instead
After all the government is spending an incredible amount of money on this screening that CLEARLY does NOT work.

It is just silly, like having the floating safety device, and no paraschute.
I just would like to know how many times this floating device saved lifes in a commercial plane crash.

Well this is the bottom line:

I don't need to be fed lies to feel secure.
And being screened like a felon going to jail when I travel doesn't make me feel any secure.
It just does make me angry.

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