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Suisse Raclette

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Yesterday the Raclette backing machine arrived.
Luisa did order it some days ago on line since we could not find it in any stores here in Florida.

It is not the original one that my mother has in Italy.
But it should be easier to use because it lets each person at the table to melt his own Raclette.

Luisa has miraculously found pieces of real Raclette cheese at the local grocery (Publix) and she bought a few pieces.

As soon as we have upacked the machine we got to try it. So for dinner we arranged to have Raclette with boiled potatoes, ham and some chesnuts.

It is amazing how great a dish so simple can be.
The cheese was terrific.

Cut the boiled potatoes in pieces and spay them with salt and pepper while you melt a piece of Raclette cheese in the macine that sits in the table center.
Put some chesunts and strips of ham on the potatoes.
When the cheese is melted pour it over the potatoes.

If you never had Raclette before you ought to try it.

It was a long time since I had Raclette.
Swiss cheese is one of my favourite dish.
Naturally food is one of the things I miss most from Europe.

Luisa still remembers the first time she had it while visiting a friend of hers in France.

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