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Toolbars for Internet Explorer


I personally use Google toolbar, beside using the search engine directly it has a feature that beats all the others.

It lets you search inside a web page for the words you typed in the serach box.

Searching for a word in a web page can be quite cumbersome otherwise: Edit - Find on this page, a dialog comes up, and then press find next several time, all is lost if you close the dialog.

With the Google toolbar the words you type in the search box instead show up directly in the toolbar on the right of the last button, and simply clicking them will search them in the web page text.

Other great features of the Google toolbar are:
- Search in the page (already mentioned, the best)
- Highlight the searched words in the current web page
- Blog on Blogger directly from the Toolbar,loading the selected text) and the current web page (this is great)
- Search only the current web site
- I am feeling lucky search that gets you directly to the first result
- Next and Previous searched web site (great)
- Search for images, or the newsgroups, or the news, or directory
- Show the category of a web site
- Page rank
- Vote the page (good or bad)

I also use the Yahoo toolbar. It is very useful if you, like me, use the Yahoo services, like: Calendar: BriefCase, Groups, My Yahoo, Home page, On line status, messenger, weather, travel, news, email, movies, bookmarks, tv, ... (all these great services are free, and to see these features in the toolbar you must log into Yahoo)

The nice thing about the Yahoo toolbar is that the search box can be collapsed (removed), it is great for me since I use the Google toolbar for searching.
Another great feature in the yahoo toollbar is that it has many options and you can confugure and position each on them.

The MSN toolbar for now seems so simple that is useless compared to Google or Yahoo.

Therefore I personally use both Yahoo and Google
Yahoo just below the address bar and Google toolbars below just above the page.

I suggest for each toolbar to remove the text labels for the buttons, you will learn them in few seconds, and if you hover them with the mouse the name will show. I suggest the same in the IE toolbar.

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