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Zordan, Valdagno

Zordan the name

Comune di Valdagno - Stemma

You can access an interactive map of Valdagno, Italy, where I grew up, usinfg Maporama

The story I know about the origin of our name Zordan is as follows, based on some research that my father Silvio did some time ago.

It appears that our origin could be of Norsemen (The barbarians who lived in what is nowdays Austria).
In fact most of the Zordan I know have Blonde hair and Blue eyes.

The Venetian republic "La Serenissima" (697-1797: 1000 years), in its splendor, owned most of the land in the North East of Italy, from Venice to Milan, and was the greatest marine power in the world.

It appears from my father research, that the Venetian republic hired people from the North (the Norsemen) to cut trees and do woodwork to build their ships.

A Norsemen tribe named Zordan relocated in the Valdagno (Crespadoro, Altissimo, and neighborhood) area to do woodwork for the Serenissima (

The meaning of the name appears to be "wood of dry pines".
Some historians think that the name translated from an early sort of German language is related to pines that were cut and left to dry. Another interpretation is that the name refers to wood of "Larch", a type of pine (pines are always green) that differently than the normal pine is seasonal and in the winter it looses its leaves, appearing dry.

(A book on the history of the area of Valdagno (Crespadoro) in Italian is "L'Ontano" by Mantese).

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