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Phone adaptor to connect to your network (router) to get 2 VoIP lines to which to connect 2 normal phones.

You program it through a web interface.
Not a lot of documentation, but it is easy to setup.

It works great !

I have 2 phone lines working great with real phone numbers
- NewYork, USA:
- Milan, Italy:

This adapter is hard to get, since LinkSys won't sell it to normal people, it plan to sell it only to VoIP providers (like Vonage).
Be careful purchasing it to get the PAP-NA, other product codes (like PAP2-VD for Vonage) are locked for a specific provider and you won't be able to change the programming. These providers normally reuire you to pay a montly fee (unlike StanaPhone and MessageNet that will only charge on usage)

I got one of the PAP2-NA (not hardcoded) through
You can try also

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