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When Things go wrong using eBay, it is terrible

eBay: DELL INSPIRON 7500 PII400 128MB 12GB DVD XP (item 6855959848 end time Mar-05-06 06:20:14 PST)

When Things go wrong using eBay.
It is terrible.
You get aggravated and cannot recover the cost.

Here is my Horror story:
on 5 March 2006
I purchased a laptop PC on eBay from
Henry Fields
my winning bid was for $155
shipping was $35
I paid the $190 the very same day.

Some time later I get a package with the PC in it.
The laptop is listed as: "fully functional", "ready to go"

I open the package and pull out the PC.
It is a laptop.
The screen comes apart, and almost separates from the keyboard. Not a good start.
There is no power adaptor for the laptop (this is a laptop from Dell, it is impossible to use it without a DELL power adaptor)
I manage not to break it and to make it stand, and power it up.
The screen, not surprisingly, has almost 1/2 of the screen unreadable, and look terrible.

I immediately contact the seller by email.
I get an automatic error response.
I have to go to eBay and file to request info on the seller to be able to contact him.
After a few hours I get an email from eBay with the contact information for Henry Fields.
I immediately call his listed phone number.

I explain the situation to him, and he swears that he has tested if for days before shipping it and that he will never ship a broken PC.
After a lengthy discussion he agrees to send me another of the very same PC (he says he has many of them, and that the one I received has probably been damaged during the shipment) making sure that this one works properly, and he assure me he will ship the new one on Friday, we also agree that I will pay him $12.50 to include the power adaptor without which the PC will NOT work.
I ship the broken one back to him the very same day (and pay $30 more in shipping, to send it back)

He send me an email a few days later and states that the PC he has received from me is perfectly working.
I am enraged, he was supposed to have sent me the replacement few days back, but he has NOT shipped it yet.

So I call Henry Fields again, on a long discussion I explain to him that a) if you cannot see half of the screen the PC is not fully functional, b) if the screen breaks a apart from the keyboard the PC is not fully functional either, and this is NOT acceptable.

Now he has a different story, he says that he does not have any more of this type of PCs (he said before he had several others).
He says he wants to refund me $95.00 and I said that I paid $190. And if he cannot provide a working PC I will accept the full refund (note that I will still be out of $30 for shipping the PC back to him), but that I would prefer to have a PC, I bid on eBay to have a PC not to get a refund.
When he realizes that he will have to refund $190 instead of 90 he agrees to send me a PC, he says that he has a similar one, not the same, with different feature, less powerful processor and no DVD. To compensate for the difference we agree that he will install some more RAM.

Again I tell him clearly that he must make sure that the PC is working, to make sure than we do not have to go through this again. Again he says that he will ship the next 2 days and ship it overnight.

Naturally no shipment came in at the time he said.
But finally, after about a week I get another package.
I open it, and see the PC, this one looks better, it has the power adaptor.
I turn it on immediately, and surprise, the screen is completely white and shows nothing.
This time I take a picture and send immediately to Henry Fields.
I call him on the phone, and ask him what the hell he is doing.
he still reiterates that the PC has been damaged during shipment, naturally this is bullshit and I am not going to buy it.

He says he wants to get things right, and other hot air.
I explain to him that it is impossible that the PC has been tested as he tells, and that I think he is selling cheap stuff without even looking at it once.

In the end we get to an agreement, that he will refund me for the PC. He says that he will refund me when I will give him a shipment confirmation of the PC. I ship the PC and tell him the tracking number, we agree that he will refund me by the evening so that I can purchase something else.

The result of this sad story is:

1. I spent a month being aggravated with this and NOT having a PC
2. I paid $155 + $12.50 = $167.50 for the PC
3. I paid $35 + $30 + $30 = $95 in shipment

Henry Fields didn't even refund me the amount he said he would.
I tryed to contact Henry Fields, but he did not answer and I left him a few voice messages, he did NOT call me back.

Was it worth this ?
Definitely NOT.

I am growing weary of eBay sellers.

Next time something like this happen.
No more shipping back at my expense.

I will immediately file an eBay dispute for "Item not as described"
Get a refund.
And ask the seller to pay for the shipment of his junk back.

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