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Install UML diagramming tools on Eclipse (Indigo)

To get UML modeling tools on the Eclipse (Indigo) development tool

  1. Download the package to your local disk
  2. Open Eclipse (Indigo)
  3. go to Window - Install New Software (on Mac: Help - Install New Software)
  4. Click on Local
  5. Find the compressed file you have downloaded
  6. Select it, and click open
  7. Select all components of UML2
  8. Click Install
  9. Agree and Accept the licensing

then to create your first UML diagram

  1. Open Eclipse
  2. File - New - Other
  3. UML 2.1 Diagrams - Class Diagram
  4. Select folder and file name
  5. Click on the white area
  6. On the popup select the class symbol to create a class

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